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Santa Cruz Map

Hi all! I have loved seeing all the gorgeous maps everyone has created. Really amazing! 

I decided to choose Santa Cruz as my city to illustrate. I lived there for about 6 years and I have a post on my website about things to do and see there, so I thought I'd make a map to go along with the article. I used some of the sightseeing tips in the article when deciding what icons to use. 

I loved all the amazing tips and tricks from Tom. He is a Master! Seriously.  I am not so good with the pen tool - I need to practice but I had fun making my shapes with the pen tool (and sometimes with the brush tool yikes!) after doing my sketches with pen and paper. 

I have a trick for drawing the streets on my maps - I use my ipad and apple pencil to draw freehand over a google map screenshot. It gives a similar hand-painted look because I just draw messily and I always use handpainted texture overlays in my maps so the lines pick up the texture of that too. I find it skips a step of tracing the streets by hand then scanning it in. Just a trick for those who have an ipad or similar tablet! :D This map hardly has any roads but some of my other maps have way too many and it is very time consuming.

Here's an example of what the lines look like before I add them to photoshop.


I wanted to use happy pastel colors for my map and I used an image I had saved on pinterest to chose 3 colors plus grey. I used black for some of the line work as well.


This is not my photo - just one I found on pinterest. 

In the end I was really happy with the colors I chose as yellow and blue make a green when layered to show park areas and the grey I chose had a green tint which was great for the trees. A happy accident! :)


After adding all the sketches and filling in with color blocks I added textures to the icons. That really brings the whole thing to life. Before I did that it looked pretty dull like an ugly coloring book. bleh.

I used some black ink splotches and drips and swatches for the textures. And I added a watercolor wash in the background for the overall texture of the map. I really like how watercolor gives a mottled messy look.

I'm not 100% happy with the map yet but I'm finished staring at it for now! :) I will rework it again in the next week or so to post on Perhaps I will update this project post with that smaller map as well.

Thanks for the awesome class, Tom! You are seriously amazing! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!



Oh and if anyone wants to read the Santa Cruz article it is at :) 


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