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Catherine Koblinsky

Multidisciplinary digital designer



Sans + Structure Project

I began this project by placing the information, loosely grouped, on a rectangle. I then experimented with moving these groups around, and soon decided on a four-by-four grid theme. To reinforce this idea, I placed an actual grid behind the text.


I experimented with name emphasis and liked the look of an orange @ symbol. However, I felt that the only element of color being slightly left of center on the bottom was contributing to an unbalanced look. I experimented with solutions and came up with the following finalists: 


I decided that I preferred the simplicity of the design on the right. I especially enjoy the grid pattern that the text creates.


I could have spent much more time aligning the text, but aside from this, I could see no further ways to improve the design. If anyone has any ideas, I welcome constructive criticism.


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