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Sans Serif Card - Collective Collection

PART THREE: Project: Customizing Type

I love red and light blue together. The typefaces are Geometric Slabserif 703 in extra bold for "CURATE". The phone number is Caecilia light oldstyle, and the tagline is set in Gotham Medium.

The dots on "CURATE" are actually a pattern fill applied to an expanded stroke. I've never tried that before and I was happy with the result. This is definitely a departure for me from my usual style, but it was fun putting it together.

PART TWO:  Project: Literary Typography

The typeface I used is FF Scala. I'm happy with the text and layout of the card — I feel that all ofthe relevant information is here and that the type size and leading are working, but I wonder 2 things: 1. Is the  Collective Collecion type too big? I wanted to make it match the cap height of the first line and the baseline of the second, but that only allows one or two words to follow it. Would it be better on its own line? (see below) 2. Is it too busy? I want to follow the project instructions, but should I simplfy the text? (see below x2).

Logo expanded to take up top line

Logo expanded to take up top line and type simplified.


PART ONE: Project: Sans + Structure

This is a card for a curatorial grad project I'm working on. Collective Collection is an accumulated, participatory collection answering the question “What is Love?”

On all cards I chose to emphasize the question "What is Love?" I think it's an intriguing phrase and it draws you in to the card. The small heart is part of the design identity for the project.

The first design uses Gotham Light. After much moving around, I decided to make it flush right, in line with the capital L of Love. It still looks unbalanced to me (maybe because it is) and the text is floating strangely in the top space.

The second design is set in Charlotte Sans. I tried this because I like the hanging numbers, but overall, I'm not loving this face. I purposefully hung the question mark outside of the right justified text, which is my favorite thing about this design.

The third design is set in Gill Sans Light. I'm happy with the way this looks, but it actually feels a little bit too elegant and feminine for the project. I think it's the curvy question mark.

The fourth design is the one I think is the most successful.  This is Interstate Light. I aligned the name and address information to the apex of the w to make the text less blocky. It feels clean and clear to me, while still having some visual interest.

I welcome all feedback. Thanks!

I gave card #2 another shot. I changed the face to Interstate, which I like better than Charlotte Sans, and I made the address look more in line with the "i". It was actually aligned before, but I think there was an optical illusion that it wasn't. 

Thanks for your input!


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