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// Sandy DRAMAtic Before + After //

My boyfriend, beagle and I were displaced from our home in Long Beach, NY for 4 months as a result of Hurricane Sandy.  Our apartment was filled with 5 feet of water.  Obviously, the place had to be completely gutted down to the cinderblock frame and we had to start from scratch.  We've just returned and are excited to put the pieces of our "Sandy Love Hut" back together :)  We lost the majority of our belongings to the storm.  Therefore, our place is currently more minimal and functional rather than the wild irrationality that it was before.  Our modestly sized apartment serves as our live/work space and beach retreat.  Because we live down the block from the beach, we have an open door policy--people are constantly stopping by and staying the night (on the sofa) so its important that we don't sacrifice comfort for style.  My boyfriend is a musician and our home is heavily influenced by what we listen to.  I am clearly pattern obsessed and a lover of all things ethnic and full of life.  The biggest challenge in styling our home is balancing our very specific and strong point of views, while maintaining a functional studio space for each of us.   I welcome all feedback!

_____________MOST DRAMATIC BEFORE // AFTER SPACE_____________

Living Area // Before:

Living Area // After:



_____________THE 5 KEY AREAS OF MY HOME BEFORE // AFTER_____________

Bed // Before:

Bed // After:


Bookshelf // Before:

Bookshelf // After:

Sofa // Before:

Sofa // After:

Credenza // Before:

Credenza // After:

Coffee Table // Before:

Coffee Table // After:

I made our coffee table out 4 wooden crates.  Its on casters so its super easy to move/rearrange.  The crates provide for storage of our books that have survived and the plant in the center is cradled by a base I rigged out of a wire hanger--easily removed to be watered/sunned.  Because our coffee table is square and permanently houses a plant in its center, it poses some styling challenges.  The table serves as our formal dining table so I decided to style is as so.




(IMAGE SOURCE: Nancy & David's Restored Ranch -- http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/nancy-davids-restored-ranch-gr-155290)


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