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Sandwich Mixto: fanzines + food Bar, a great entrepreneur project in Madrid

Update April 9th: I've written a blog-post, a sort of behind the scenes, about my video project. You may read it here!

Project's link:

In the local market of my neighbourgh in Madrid, in one of the stalls between veggie and meat stalls, the most amazing "bar" has born. It's "Sandwich Mixto", a very peculiar bar in which you can drink coffe, taste some delicious homemade food, or discover some of the most interesting projects in self-publishing made in Spain, to name just a few special things to be found in this cool and special place. Virginia is behind this project, she's my muse, and I will be interviewing her so that she can show us a bit around and present us with the philosophy and some of the projetcs which are, literally, being cooked at and around "Sandwich Mixto"!

All righty!! So it's March 29th, and I can proudly say that I've finished my project.

It's been sort of a wild ride!! But I can't put into words how much I've enjoyed the process and how much I've learned through it!!!

I think I've now understood the basics which will allow me to carry on making other video projects and to carry on the learning process that this project has started.

Overall, I'm quite happy of the turn out, although If I started afresh, there's already things that I would do differently: I know the background sound is not the best, so a microphone (and not my camera mic) would be ideal next time.

As I mentioned in the discussion forums, while editing with iMovie '1, I had to deal with a few problems related to my text subtitles... as every-time I made some changes or corrections to them they will disappear and not get recorded! Happily, I finally managed my way through it. 

As my muse spoke Spanish on the interview, I decided to add English subtitles. This is one of the elements I feel more dubious about and that I would indeed to get some feedback about from you:

- Do the subtitles allow you to smoothly follow the story? Or do you feel like they are a drawback and you're loosing a part of the experience? 

Also, if anybody sees any typos or grammar errors, please, do let me know! 

The other aspect which has given me most problems has been the exporting from iMovie and keeping a similar HD quality as the one I see in my computer before uploading... Believe me if I say that I've tried many different configurations for it when exporting the video from iMovie to Quicktime, to then go to Vimeo. The version you'll see is the best one I've been able to figure out, following the advice from this tutorial: .... However, I'm still not totally convinced by it... if anybody has some suggestions on this, I'd also greatly appreciate!

So here's the project for your viewing pleasure!:

(I also uploaded the project to youtube, and I believe that the quality is best here:   ... isn't that strange, I thought that it ought to be better on vimeo!)

Finally, Kat, I'm SOOOO happy that I took this course. A big thank you on your way. You've been tremendously inspiring and I have to say how much fun I've had seeing all your video classes (lady, you're so cute and such a charmer!!!). Thanks for being there all through it!

xo Diana

Update: I think the quality of the vimeo version is now all right!


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