Sandra's Writing Business Plan

Sandra's Writing Business Plan - student project

4/21/13 - Business Goals

Make a list of business goals related to your writing:

  • offer editorial and other writing services and trainings
  • update my webpage to reflect my new writing/editorial and consulting business
  • utilize SEO and social media to get my business noticed
  • make a decent living doing so in order to be able to pursue my dream of getting my fiction works published (and also bringing in money)

Where do you see yourself in five to 10 years:

  • as a multi published author
  • making a lucrative living providing writing, editorial and marketing/business consulting services

Are you writing a book? When will it publish? Do you want to be #1 on Amazon? If so, set a date:

  • I currently have a completed full-length historical romance and a dark paranormal romance novella that are undergoing revision/expansion as well as a dark paranormal romance work-in-progress (WIP) that has already had the full manuscript requested for review by my dream publisher when I feel is is ready to be submitted. (I seriously need to finish this book, but it is slated to be worked on after I complete revising and expanding my completed works so they can be out on submission while I'm finishing up the current WIP)
  • I'd like to see the historical romance and the dark paranormal romance novella sold to my target publishing houses before the end of the year.
  • Once published, I definitely want to be #1 on Amazon.

Are you a jack-of-all-trades writer? What's your niche? Decide the kinds of projects you want to work on. Are you a copywriter, copyeditor, or corporate communications writer? Do you want to work with small business owners:

  • All of the above.
  • I write historical romance and dark paranormal contemporary and historical romance.
  • I also have a background in editing APA style
  • I'd like to offer copywriting, copyediting, corporate communications, blogging, ghost writing, and social media maintenance services.


4/15/13 - First Day of Class Intro

A recent lay-off from my job of 10 years has placed me in the position to finally give attention to my dream of making an income from writing. I'd like to finish revisions on my completed historical romance novel as well as revisions and expansion of my completed short dark paranormal novella. I am a Romance Writers of America pro-member, meaning my works have been out on submission to editors and agents. I am also editor of SUNY Empire State College's student-run newsletter, The Student Connection and I have a blog about business and customer relations (This is my business site-- I'm hoping it will assist in my current job search) and I have a blog about my writing, which unfortunately has taken a back seat to the job search and life in general.

I find myself free at the moment, however, and I'd like to focus on how I can supplement my income by utilizing my knowledge of writing, editing and customer retention / satisfaction as well as my creative writing background.

As far as business plans go, I'm not sure where to even begin. I am hoping this class will get me started in the right direction.