Sandra's Business Site

Sandra's Business Site - student project

I was recently laid off and am working on creating a business site that will showcase my business talents.

Yay! My first official coding assignment is a success! Screen shot below:

Sandra's Business Site - image 1 - student project


4/12/13 - Coding assignment #2:

Ok, I have a live link!

I noticed that the placeholders in my forms do not show up in IE, but they do show up in Chrome. Also, I had issues with my pictures not showing up. It turns out I spelled the image folder name with a lowercase "i" in the code, but it was an uppercase "I" on the actual folder. It didn't seem to matter when working locally, but it definitely made a difference on the server.

I also wasn't sure how else to make the radio buttons an either / or selection so I made their value="sex" since that seemed to automatically make it impossible to select both radio buttons. Not really sure if that was the way to go, or if there is another value command available.

Woot! Got 100% on Quiz 1.