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Sandra Brezina-Krivda

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Sandra - Typecreative

Dear Matt,

First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing your know-how through this class. I really absorbed all the precious and valuable tips you gave and to cut a long story short, listening to your words and seeing you doing handlettering was totally motivating and inspiring.

I started with writing my name in numerous ways which was in the beginning quite difficult because you are trained to write your name in a way you use to do it all the time and I noticed that it is quite hard when you make all your efforts to pursue unusual roads. So here are my handwriting sketches. This took me several days. I did not want to put too much force on myself. I wanted to find the "optimum attitude".





No worries - I do not plan to upload all of my sketches. 
Finally, I decided to elaborate my logotype on this sketch:


I made a more detailed pencil sketch on the basis of the above shown handwriting, inked the logotype and developed ornaments (which I found too much in the end).


Next step: Vectorising my design with Illustrator


I thought about a tiny illustration but in the end decided against this idea. With all the swirls I think this would not fit anymore. The word "typecreative" is a digital font. Since I work with Illustrator CS6, my software unfortunately does not provide the function to replace corners/curves of paths. 

So, here is my final design:


I tried some textures:


Finally, I decided to do something female and changed the background colour to a violet shade. I applied a subtle drop shadow in grey and introduced a nude colour shade to emphasize my letters with slim strokes.


Mock up of my final work compared to the drawn logotype:


I hope you like it and maybe (hopefully!!!!) there will be another learning session conducted by you in near future.

All the best,


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