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James Alexander Davies

Art Director and Concept Artist for film and games



'Sandman' In-Game Character Concept Art


Hi! I'm James. I've recently gotten a job as lead concept artist on a game for the Oculus Rift, called 'Sandman.'
As my first professional gig as a concept artist, I thought it'd be worthwhile getting some additional pointers from this Skillshare class (and I've been a fan of Charlie's for ages).
Hopefully this'll lead to some fun characters!

I'll be updating this as I go along - feel free to provide any and all criticism. 


The characters I'm designing are going to be 'lost boys', children lost within a dream for much too long, forcing them to become feral and dangerous. They'll be a mix of the Lost Boys of Peter Pan, the children of Lord of the Flies, and the scavengers of the Mad Max trilogy. 


For the refining stage, I took a few of my favourite silhouettes and gave them some expansion.


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