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Gabriel Mnt




San Sebastian (Donostia)

Hello everybody,

This is my first project here on skillshare and my first atempt of hand lettering aswell, but loved working on every part of it! So let`s just get straight to the point.

I don't travel much, or have to many vacations, but 3 years ago I went to vacation to Spain and from all cities and villages I visited San Sebastian was by far the greatest city I`ve ever seen. If there is a place on Earth I`d like to live in that would be it. The sea, the hills, the buildings, the quiet and the calm of that place really fascinated me.

Regarding the project I went with kind off a grafitti look and feel, using a warm yellow background and some images from my vacation there.

Since this was my first try at hand lettering I did alot of sketches, but decided for the one bellow.


I didnt wrote the entire name since I had the basic letters to form the first word when I vectorized it.

For the vector work I had to watch some videos about how to do it, since lettering has some rules to follow.



After adding some textures and pictures in PS I then moved to After Effects for the actual animations.

You can see the finished project bellow.

Hope you all learned something here, because I sure did.

Thanks Teach!


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