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San Martín de Los Andes

So, for this project, I decided to pick my favorite place in this world so far: San Martín de Los Andes is a small town in between Río Negro and Neuquén, in Argentina. It is actually in the exact middle of Argentina, and counts with acres and acres of millenaria wildlife and landscapes. It is known for its beautifull, breathtaking views of lakes, rivers and mountains. It is the perfect runaway for city people, like me!

I began by choosing the photos I believed represented SMA in its fullest. I took this photos myself with my partner while on vacation. I then started picking up colors which associated with the keywords I picked: LAKES, RIVERS, NATURE. As nature is not only blues, I picked a few greens and beige/ warm grey colors. Then Istarted twiching them to be brighter and fuller, and to close up I chose two colors from each concept: Greens for trees and wildlife, greys for rocks and mountains and blues for lakes and rivers.

I know it may come as a really simple palette but I think it could make a great use in some pattern or maybe a website. Feel free to use it anytime!


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