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San Francisco

What I love about San Francisco is that within the confines of the 7x7-mile area of the city, there is an unimaginable extent of diversity. This series is situated within the 8 blocks between my apartment and the waterfront. 



The strip of Stockton Street that runs through Chinatown is crowded and hectic to the point of disgust, and in retrospect we can all laugh at how viciously the old ladies run the streets. Strangers tend to shy away at the sight of a camera, but a storefront window seems to be a sufficient barrier for a comfortable level of privacy. 


I luckily caught this intersection at the perfect time (the chunk after that dreaded "golden hour"). I ended up sorting this one out of the reel because I liked how the still objects in the foreground and background achieve a heightened blur of the moving traffic in-between.


Arguably the most coveted lookup in the city, these brutalist high rises are two in a set of four nearly identical buildings strung along the Financial District where one can navigate a series of tiled overpasses and corridors for four linear blocks without once touching the street.


I purposely took the walk back along California Street because I wanted to incorporate a shot of a cable car, which is so iconically San Francisco. It was a little ambitious given my lack of familiarity with this type of frame and the fact that the sun was down. Let's just reiterate as amateurs that after multiple trials and errors, small successes just feel so. damn. good.


Comments truly appreciated. As of the last few years, I've taken almost all my photos on my iPhone because of its portability, but it was extremely rewarding to dig up my dslr for this project. Thanks, TrashxSkillshare.



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