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San Francisco

For this project, I chose to focus on my hometown of San Francisco. 

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I love the odd curvatures and shapes from my research..but I also love some of the sharp angles in some architectural pieces. 

I want to focus on the steep hills we have here in this city! So here I have some cars parked on a steep hill with a "floating" cable car going downhill. In the backdrop will be some retro-futuristic victorian houses. I want to incorporate some other iconic SF items...the bridges we have and/or cityscape with the Transamerica building, but I'm concerned about it becoming too crowded. To be decided when I put some of this to work on Illustrator. 

I also threw in some colors I liked from my research, so I could start thinking in colors. Would also like to add in elements such as fog since this city has more fog than sun most of the time :) 


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