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San Francisco - City by the Bay

Final logo:

I wanted to stick with a simple design that was also a bit old school. I stuck with rounded fonts and maintained that same flow of roundness by adding the oval shape. I chose that pastel type blue/green color because it reminded me a lot of the sea which goes well with SF's tagline, "City by the bay.


Second Draft of "Sketches:"

I wanted to stick with really simple and minimalistic fonts and designs. Not sure which one I'd like to move forward, I like them both but they are very different styles. Any feedback would be great!

First sketches:

San Francisco is a beautiful city with so much life and culture, I am thankful to have been able to experience growing up in such a place. Although there is so much going on, so much diversity and things to see I wanted to take a simplistic approach at the design. I experimented with different line widths and minimalistic icons/drawings. 


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