Antonio López

Im a dharma vagabond!



San Francisco Beats

You can watch the final piece HERE

By december of 2014 i started to study at New York Film Academy in Burbank. Then, me and some classmates travel all the way to San Francisco. I carry my cameras wherever i go, specially my GoPro. I started recoding everywhere. Then we went to the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Suddenly i realise that i had the same jacket that one of my friends, and then we starting to play like we were bodyguards of our friends. That's where i starterd to think about shooting a quick and fun video. I always wanted to make a video with slow motion like the rap videos so... i set up my GoPro to record 100 fps. Thanks to the super wide lense of the camera, i was not worry about framing us so i just put the camera in front of us and start dancing like theres a song playing. It was a very simple video, the idea was to show friends having fun. 

The same day we drove all the way to burbank. I was super excited because a just listened the song. I know that its a copyrighted song but... i couldn't resist. I think the song works perfectly with the material.

For the post i did the same: importing the material into After Effects, then interpret the data to 24 fps. Once a finished i put a layer of Color correction in the begining. After the first film burn i changed it a little beat, its more opaque. For the film burns i downloaded it from THIS link, then in After Effects i put the film burn over the video and the color correction layer, i changed the blending mode to "Add", i did the same with the film footage.


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