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San Diego Jewish Academy Football Uniform Redesign

The San Diego Jewish Acadmey started the first Jewish high school football program in the United States. Every two years the team changes their uniforms. Personally, I think this is a mistake. I think having a unique identity and being one of the only /jewish high school football teams, the school should stick with an iconic and identifiable design. 

Uniform History

Although I have little evidence supporting this theory, I believe it is the first uniform worn by our school football team. I have not seen any pictures of players wearing this and have never seen this uniform before. I found this at the bottom of a box in the student government room. It may be a prototype or may be the first jersey. I do know that if it was a jersey, it has to have preceded the school's, in my opinion, second uniforms. I like these jerseys. They have the school logo on the sleeve which contributes to the identity of the infant football program. I like the bright yellow numbers outlined by the white. Since our school colors are blue and gold, I appreciate that the emohasized the gold in the numbers. I am also a fan of the large block lettering on the front of the jersey, establishing their identity as a team. I think this is a great first uniform because it represents the school in logos, colors, and lettering. The simplicity ensures that no one will be paying attention to anything else except the large "SDJA" and the sleeve logos. I do however think that it is too simple of a jersey to be used now. The team is established in the league and needs a more developed look, however I will use this uniform as influence in creating a school identity with the uniform.

Home (front)

 Home (sleeve)


The school's second uniforms that were used until 2008. I think the uniform is bold and simple. There are no names, piping, etc., only the number and the sleeve lines. I like the fluid number font, its large on the front and back, but am not crazy about the number apperaing on the sleeve. I love the dual color scheme on the home (blue) jersey, and really like how on the home jersey they left it blue between the two sleeve lines but on the away jersey they put a yellow line. With this striping choice, they maximized school colors and minimized the amount of white. I also like the choice of a blue belt and especially on the white pants (I hate white belts on colored pants). I also am a fan of the JA logo (for Jewish Academy) that appears on the left leg. I  thought that it was an odd decision to put it on the leg instead of the collar, but I really like how it makes the simple monotone pants mean unique to the school. The original helment had a large blocky JA logo that was later replaced by the new school athletics logo (shown below). Overall, I like these uniforms and the direction the school was headed with these, although I did think they needed something more to tie it together as a great uniform.

 (Old athletic logo)

(This is the new athletic logo. The L was turned into the hebrew letter lamed to incorporate a Jewish theme into the logo. The font is also a Middle Eastern/ Arabic font). 

 Home (front w/ white pants)

 Home (side w/ white pants)

 Home (front w/ blue pants)

 Away (Side w/ blue pants)

 Away (front w/ blue pants, new helmet decal and stripe)

 Away (front w/ white pants, old helmet decal w/o stripe)


Below were the second uniforms the school that were in use from 2009-2011. These uniforms are featured in school advertising the most because the football program was at its height during this uniform era. Overall, I really like the design. I like the golden piping ending with a sharp edge, it is reminiscent of a lion claw, and the piping extends too far into the torso. I like the same color uniforms, I think, like the Broncos uniform, the puping ties the uniforms together and makes the blue on blue look good. The hemet stripe is also like that of the Broncos, starting wide and ending in a point. I don't think the number font is consistent with the sharp edges and bold lines used on the rest of the uniform. The font is also inconsistent with the "Lions" lettering below the collar. Two new helmet designs that they introduced in this uniform was a "JA" on the back of the helmet in the stripe, a sticker with the player's number on the back of the helmet, as well as Jewish star stickers given to players who performed well (similar to the Ohio State or Florida State helmet stickers). I was sad to see the "JA" emblem on the pants go, however I don't think it would have worked well on these uniforms because of the large piping and numbers. Besides the font, I really liked these uniforms. Although I think the piping was a little too wide and long, the beggining of incorpating a sharp stripe and Jewish themes into the uniform really appealed to me.

 Home (side)

 Home (front and back)

 Away (side)

 ("Lions" block lettering on front)

 (JA lettering on back of helmet stripe, and number sticker on back of helmet)

 Side of Helmet (Jewish star helmet stickers given to players who did an exceptional job in a practice or a game)


These are the schools current uniforms that have been in use since 2012. Ugh. Just so ugh. I don't want to rant to much about these uniforms because there are so many reasons why I don't like them, so I'm just going to put a list: the home and away uniform do not match in any design aspect whatsoever, the home font is thick and grotesque, the away uniform is overly simplistic, they have the same plain blue pants for home and away, which to not feauture any striping or "JA" logo, the helmet stripe has been changed from a dynamic stripe ending in a point to one straight, thin, regular line, there is only a helmet decal on one side, and the Jewish star sticker (a strong symbol on the Shield of David) was replaced by a sticker that says, "life" in Hebrew. There seems to be no direction with this uniform, no vision. They blended together a bunch of uniform designs and threw it out there. It is so inconsistent and absent of anything identifying the school besides for the team name on the chest. The only positive is the thin, sharp piping on the home jersey (which could use improvement). It's safe to say that these are the worst football uniforms in SDJA history.

 Home (front)

 Home (front)

 Home (side)

 Home (side stitching)

 Home (front stitching)

 Away (front)

  Away (back)

 Away (side)

 Helmets have single straight stripe with "JA" cutout on the back)

 Pink socks and accessories for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The theme of homecoming week was breast cancer awareness and the school held its first annual Breast Cancer Awareness walk. 

Inspiration from School

The lion is the SDJA mascot yet it has not been used enough in the uniform. This picture captures the speed, agressiveness, strength, and determination of a lion. The Lion of Judah was used as a Jewish symbol for many years, and as Jerusalem was the capital of the Kingdom of Judah, in 1950 it was included in the Emblem of Jerusalem. It is important for the qualities of a lion to be shown in the uniform.

The are soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces. Being a Jewish school, the students look at Israel as their true home. Throughout their history, Jews have been vulnerable and mercilessly attacked. From the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 c.e. up until the Holocaust, the Jews have been defenseless and weak. Israeli soldiers are very important for Jews because they are the defenders that the Jews have never had in the past. Jewish persecution will no longer take place because of these strong soldiers risking their lives for the nation. For the SDJA, being an Israeli soldier is thought of as the highest achievement a Jew can do because he or she is defending the Jewish people and homeland. I thought it was important to emphasize the strength and courage of Israeli soldiers in the uniform, because the football team sees itself as representatives of the Jewish people in San Diego, physically battling with other schools on the field.


Jewish proverbs in numbers or collar


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