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Sam's Rails Project

Gihub page:

Heroku page:


  • Installed Rails
  • Created a New App
  • Added Pages
  • Added Bootstrap


My project at this point only had an About and Home page.  A user could log in and log out but there was nothing for them to do or browse.  These next few lessons taught me how to add users and associate the pins to a particular user.  There are still some wrinkles to iron and am exicted to complete the next lessons.

  • Added user with Devise
  • Customized Devise
  • Generated a Pins Scaffold
  • Added Association between Pins and Users


My project is working perfectly on my localhost but isn't loading on Heroku.  I've chosen not to implement Amazon S3 since I don't want to be surprised with charges.

  • Incorporated Paperclip
  • jQuery is awesome

*EDIT 4/4/2013

Heroku now works.  Had to erase the database and redo the migration.


My project is working perfectly on Heroku now.  I haven't done anything special with it, have just been following the tutorials and building my app according to that.  This past week I added:

  • Image uploading via URL
  • Populating database with Faker gem
  • Pagination
  • User Profiles
  • Endless Scroll

As I mentioned before, I did not implement the Amazon S3 service by choice.  I really didn't want to have to be watchful about incurring any sort of extra charge on my Amazon account.


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