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Sam's Organic Pest Control

I've always been extremely fond of the Praying Mantis. The way it moves, the way it looks, their carnivorous nature... So naturally, I pictured a label that would encapsulate this animal and it's awesomeness. However, since labels are for humans to read, I wanted my label to spark curiosity and excitement to my fellow homo sapiens. Hence, I came up with the idea of Organic Pest Control. Since Mantids are known to eat bugs detrimental to ones garden, why not create a product and label that benefits both the Gardener and the Mantis (not to mention the anti-pesticides, "organic" Eaters)? The product will contain 2 dormant egg cases of Praying Mantids to let grow and flourish in your garden. With Sam’s Organic Pest Control, Its like having watchdogs for your Garden.


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