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This was shot in the park when the sun was setting and as you can see that patch of bright sun on her face was going to give me challenges. I tried various ways to fix it but finally decided to go high key with the final picture below because I really liked her eyes..........

Here I adjusted the highlights, whites downward, opened up the shadows, made some color adjustments. I wanted a gradual shade to light look with her face mostly in shade.....I also healed

 a scar on her forehead between the eyes...

I always try to stay as close to natural as possible.

.......with this photo I added a little bit of luminance to smooth her baby skin a touch along with the other adjustments........she was such a cutie.....

Here is her doggie, 'Maggie' which I shot indoors with an 85mm 1.4. I only had a split second to shoot this so I didn't have the time to make any adjustments but knew I could fix this with LTR4

So here it is, she was a very sweet puppy.......I opened up the exposure, added a touch of contrast and clarity as well cleaning a little bit of goop from her eyes........

This was a wedding I shot at Wrightsville Beach. I thought the blue was to overpowering. I wanted the rings to be the focus so I reduced the blue, warmed the wood and the sand a touch, added some sharpness, highlight & whites dropped a bit...........

I was visiting my parents homeland in China and we went to climb a mountain to pay respect to our ancestors (didn't ralize I had 6 generations of grandparents buried up here) and I saw this so naturally I had to snap it.

This was the first time I played around with the graduated filter. I also darken the leaves because they were just in the way and i wanted the viewer to see beyond. I think I might like this graduated filter!

here I cropped it so he is blowing more on an angle upwards. Itried to really clean up his skin which was pretty bad, I wonder if the brush might have helped in clearing his blemishes.....I think it is Pei time.


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