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Rick Henderson

I started a one person design studio in August.



Samples from Class


My first time working with creating a seamless texture. I don't do a lot of Photoshop work but this is an excellent way to improve my skills. I'm glad I joined this course.

Will share this on Instagram.

I switched computers and began using the newer version of Photoshop CC, and I wanted to watch more of the videos but I didn't have my gold texture! So I created a red foil texture following the techniques, including the work around for not having the Oil Paint filter.


The red is the results of completing the complex texture at step 5. The font at the top is called Beyond Wonderland, so definitely a bit masculine for those looking for that kind of look :)

Jan 26, 2016 - Can't believe it's taking me so long to get through this course. Started on my office computer, now working on my laptop and had to watch a few of the videos more than once.

My work after steps 7 & 8:



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