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Sample project

Hello, everyone!

This is the sample project. It should help you get the idea, what your project should look like.

Here's my progress of making the perfect steak:

  • Raw meat - I started with two nice tournedos


  • The meat fried on the one side - here's my frying pan, as you can see, the steaks are nice done already! :)


  • Steak with the butter on the top - I am sorry, I didn't take the picture outside the oven, but this one is even better, because the butter is already melting down! :)


  • Steak out of the oven after 7 minutes - The butter is nicely melted!


  • Steak with the salt and the pepper applied - I love pepper, so I put a lot of it on my steaks!


  • The last and the most important one is your final meal served with dignity! Isn't it great? :)


My steak was amazing! :)

Now share your story!


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