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[Sample project] The wonderful world of watercolor

Here are some examples of my freeform paintings— the two that I showed you in the class, and 2 more I created using the same method! I wanted to give you a little array of experiments to show you different possibilities.  I'm very happy with 2 out of the 4 experiments, and have learned something from absolutely every single paintings. 

I really enjoyed creating this one and also absolutely loved the colors I used for it, even though that background 'greenish'/grey color wasn't the shade I'd initially thought of using. This is a combination of colors I"ll remember! 5e7a530c

For this next one, I quite liked the composition, and loved some of the textures I was able to create. I also liked some of the colors, but not necessarily all them. I think if I had to do it again again, I would maybe add a few brighter (lemon) yellows and darker forest greens to add a little more depth to it. :) 


For this next one I wanted to explore something a little more 'contained' and 'deliberate', with less free-flowing sections like in the two previous ones. I'm very happy with how it came out, and especially like that pink/purple "bubble" in the middle/top. I added that afterwards and it so it picked up some of the colors from the underneath layer which hadn't really dried. I love the effect that created and want to explore it some more in further paintings!


This next one is one I wasn't really satisfied with but I figured out that it was because of the mix of colors that I used. Other than I learned that layering through transparency of big blocks of color is something I don't do very often and I want to explore that more because it creates really interesting effects!



And here's the painting that I did using the planned process:

Doing this planned process was actually a big jump out of my comfort zone because the times where I've planned my painting have always been more figurative/illustration paintings, never abstract. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and in particular really enjoyed creating those muted colors with the complimentary colors. I don't often create this kind of 'soft'/muted painting, and think it would be fun to keep exploring that avenue. Something I didn't really like is that I felt like I used a few too many layers at some point, so that's something to keep in mind for the future!


And here's all my experiments batched together. I can't wait to see all of yours! 





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