[Sample project] I Played The Game with Faces

[Sample project] I Played The Game with Faces - student project

Hi everyone !

Here's an overview of all 10 of my experiments! Let me just say I had a BLAST making all these, since creating characters in not something I usually do, and I really loved experimenting with all the different mediums. [Sample project] I Played The Game with Faces - image 1 - student project
Here are a few of the things I learned while playing this game: 

  • Working with dry media is something I really enjoy and would like to integrate back into my daily art practice. That and mixed media pieces as well!
  • Using the eraser as a way of 'carving' out textures is a really interesting tool I'd like to try out more. 
  • I like it when pieces have repeating/changing motifs, such as the one on the bottom left, where sometimes the lines + dots look like faces, and other times they just look like lines + dots.
  • Focusing on form is super fun. (I work a lot with lines rather than form, so this is an interesting discovery!)
  • I would like to redo the exercise at some point and explore EVEN MORE than what I did here. Sometimes in this exercise I got 'stuck' on the idea of having to do faces, whereas I could have completely ignored that (kind of like in #3, # 7, and #9, where I simply used the object as inspiration in terms of shape/forms). When I gave myself more freedom, it was more fun!  
  • I REALLY love creating pure pencil drawings.
  •  I'd like to further explore the contrast between fuller 'shapes'/forms and delicate line work, like in the last drawing. Also, working with negative space when I'm using the pencil is something I've not done much, and I'd like to do more of! I often use negative space as a way to make my subject 'pop' out of the page, but rarely use it as PART of the subject — so that's a super fun discovery of something new I'd like to explore further.
  •  I don't often create background and/or use layers in my work, but painting #6 showed me that it's totally worth doing both of those things!
  • This has more to do with the class than the process, but it's still something I learned, haha! --> when making a demo for my skillshare classes, perhaps consider using colors that are more contrasting to make it more visually interesting. For example, I'd love to see some blue or green in there! :)
  • When I allow myself to sink into the moment, my breath slows down and it's the most beautiful feeling in the world. (I knew this already but it's still a lovely reminder!)

Here are the pieces that I would consider 'finished' (though they are still studies/experiments!):

The first, the 6th (with the background and bold red watercolor), and the last (which is my favorite of the whole set). 

 For the first drawing, the word I'd use to describe it is 'soft'. [Sample project] I Played The Game with Faces - image 2 - student project

The word I'd use to describe this one is 'melancholic'.[Sample project] I Played The Game with Faces - image 3 - student project


[Sample project] I Played The Game with Faces - image 4 - student project

In particular for the last one, I really love how the experiments in shape/form during the REST of the exercise really integrated into my pencil drawing here, to create interesting contrasts between the fuller 'shapes' and the delicate line work. The use of negative space also balances all the visual interest happening in the more active areas, so that's a super fun discovery as well. The words I'd use to describe this one would be 'introspective.


Here are some pieces I'd like to see 'continued': I really liked the shapes of these two pieces, and think it would be super fun to add to them/keep transforming them. 

For this one the word that comes to mind is 'elemental'.

[Sample project] I Played The Game with Faces - image 5 - student project

For this one, the word I'd use to describe it is 'cave-like'. I'm not sure why, perhaps it's the glowing eyes! :p 

[Sample project] I Played The Game with Faces - image 6 - student project

This last one is one that I also would like to see continued but also kind of like 'as is' — so one way to go about this dilemma would be to create a second piece that 'copies' the first and to transform THAT one. In that way I'm both keeping the piece I like (because of it's minimalism/strangeness), but also exploring how I can transform it into something entirely different. The word I'd use to describer this one is 'evolving'.[Sample project] I Played The Game with Faces - image 7 - student project

Here are the words I'd use to describe the other drawings I made: #2-smoky, #3-anxious, #4-cramped, #6-shifting. 

These are some the things I discovered and learned as I played this game and I look forward to seeing all your explorations and what your takeaways are too! 
Thanks so much for sharing your projects, and also let me know if you agree/disagree with any of my choices! Perhaps there's a piece I didn't mention that you  think looks 'finished', or on the other hand, one that I think is 'finished' that you'd like to see 'continued'! I LOVE hearing different perspectives on the same work—  the project section is such a rich opportunity to explore all our differing perspectives and see what there is to learn from them! 
All the best to you, 


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