Sample of Week 1 Homework

Sample of Week 1 Homework - student project

Hey guys, 

Attached is a sample piece of work for you guys to look at to know what I am expecting from the homework for this week. I have done it with the assignment from my first course on Digital Strategy, Playground Sessions as a few of you might be familiar with them, if not you can check out the website and get the idea. You can see that I have broken the goal into four questions which I then have shown what insight tools I would use to find the answer to these questions. 

Let me know if you have any questions and I am looking forward to seeing how you guys go with it. Here is the information you need for Vastrm

Business Problem: 

Consumers are unaware that Vastrm exists

Drive 100,000 people to the Vastrm site to find out more about the product by June 2013

Julian Cole

Strategy Coach at Planning Dirty Academy