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Sample Tactics I am using

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23/07/2016 - Today I published a new page on my website.  A page about classes and courses that I am taking.  On this page I have 3 Skillshare classes from fellow instructors with MY Teacher Referral Link. You can view it here

15/07/2016 - So today I intend on Piggybacking on a massive trend #PokemonGo.  I have a class that shows you how to create an augmented reality scavenger hunt. A fellow instructor has given me some wording to play around with

"Create Your Own Pokemon Style Treasure hunt where you get to create safe outside games choosing known safe locations"

You can check out the class and you can share it too as extra content

13/07/2016 - today I used the announcement feature on Skillshare to push this class to students in my other classes, offering both a free link and a premium link.  I am hoping that those that sign up with the free link will see the benefit of becoming a premium member and then use my link to sign up....

10/07/2016 - I am currently updating my website with a new look and I decided for the sort term to remove any classes or courses I have on other sites and just focus on lesson on Skillshare. You can view the page here 

28/06/2016 - Today I produced a blog post for LinkedIn, again I am promoting my premium classes for free in this post.  Have a look and let me know what you think

27/06/2016 - My first tactic is to promote one of my premium courses for free.  As I launched this class only today, I decided to use my email list and instead of waiting for my weekly newsletter, I sent out a News Flash.  Have a look and let me know what you think.......


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