Sample Project

Sample Project - student project

Hello, everyone! Here's a sample planet profile I made for the Ironsand Woods Universe. There's a project in my class Fictional Universe Storytelling: Outline Your Epic Adventure, in which I describe with a few more details this universe.

Planet Ironsand


This planet has just one massive ocean, which is surrounded of infinite woods. The trees of this woods sometimes grow up very high in iron quicksands. Harvests are almost impossible due to the dry grounds. Also, there are immense badlands that remain unexplored. 


There are legends that say that this planet was created during a centuries old cosmic storm. Also, there are myths about the creation of life in this planet that say that people came from the deep woods.


The most developed infrastructure in Ironsand is the transport system. A citizen can travel thousands of miles in a few minutes thanks to a high tech underground train system.

Mineral extraction is the most common activity.

People survive thanks to commerce with visitors from other planets. They exchange several items each day.


The most common ecosystem in Ironsand is the dry wood. It rarely rains, but the temperature always remains at fresh levels.


The planet is ruled by the Court of the Ironsands. The Ministry of Lakes and Seas also intervenes with the usage of the only massive ocean in Ironsand.


Flora and fauna occupy 75% percent of the planet's surface. Most of the humans live in underground communities.


I hope this example helps you to start your own project. Remember that you can ask me all the questions you have.

Michael Delgado

Writer + Graphic Designer