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Makiko Orser

Illustrator/Graphic Artist/Portrait Photographer



Sample Project

Hi everyone, 

This is a sample project!

When you are done watching the video, please try to make your own Gyoza :) 

If you can't find Gyoza wrap, you can also use egg roll wrap (which I believe you can find easier) and cut smaller. Look forward to seeing/hearing about your stories! 

1. Pictures






2. Ingredients: They were as I showed in the video. The third time, I put some garlic in it which didn't change that much, but added some flavor. 

3. My story

I photographed most of pictures and videos myself, a few, I asked my husband to take shots. Then I edited everything in QuickTime and Premiere. It was fun process. 

As for Gyoza, my family loves to eat my homemade Gyoza. So even though I had to make 3 times to make all the shots done, it didn't last very long! 

Thank you for your enrollments! Hope you will have fun :) 



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