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Rachel Pritchett

We've got this :)



Sample Project

Here is my sample project.

Day One: Here are my homework answers:

1. neko              1. give

2. sorry              2. you

3. no                  3. the

4. copying          4. answers

5. you                 5. you

6. silly                 6. have

7. cheater           7. to

8. I                      8. try

9. can't                9. first

10. just               10. ;)

Day Two: Hiragana bookmark


Here's my bookmark using the song lyrics, "arigatou kimi ga ite kurete hontou yokatta yo" which means, "Thank you for being there for me"

Day Three: Katakana bookmark

Here's my name, "Rachel" written in Katakana


Day Four: Here's my Kanji bookmark

I chose the symbol for fire.


Day Five: Here are all of the bookmarks I have made!



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