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Erin Lux

Illustrator / Comic Maker



Sample Project

Hi all!  Here I've uploaded the three parts of my sample project, to give you an idea of what I'm looking for.  There's no need to upload all your materials at once, in fact, it's better to share your references and sketches, and then move on to the finals once you've received some feedback.


For your references, feel free to include as many or as few as you want.  However, at the minimum, you should show one fashion reference, one specific reference (like the medals or uniforms), and one face or hair reference.


My sketches are pretty rough.  There's no need to worry about neatness at this point, this is the time to play around with different ideas and figure out what works best.  With your sketch, make sure to tell us who your two characters are, and a few of the traits you've decided on for them.


And at the end, we have our finals!  I'm looking for clean, easy to read designs, with flat colors.  Have fun!


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