Sample Project:

Sample Project:  - student project

Welcome to the sample project. This goes through all of the worksheets to help show you how it might look.  You don't have to provide all of these images for your project, this is just to show you how I filled out the worksheets provided. 

First, I filled out the Foundation Board and really thought about what problem I solve, the transformation I provide, and the vision for the future of my business and life. 

Sample Project:  - image 1 - student project

Second, I filled out the Long Term Goals.  Make sure you don't stop before you get to the 1 year mark. I found myself not wanting to commit to anything that far in advance, but it really helps to start looking farther into the future and make sure that what you are doing now really does align with the life and business you want a year from now. 

Sample Project:  - image 2 - student project

And finally, I filled out my editorial calendar.  

1. I entered my categories. I put the type of content above the box, and then the purpose in the box. So I put 'Blog' on top of the box, and then 'Helps Boss Moms run their business & family' in the box. This helps me make sure that all of the content i create for that blog meets that purpose. I did the same thing for my podcast, promotions and I also have a category for tips and hacks.  This is usually something that I use on periscope or social media, but it requires me to really think about what tips will help lead people back to my courses and services, so I include it in my content strategy as a category. 

2. I then filled in any launches or things that are happening in my business over the next month or so. For me, I have a book pre-launch, a premium course launch and a periscope challenge and several webinars that goes along with the course launch. If you have something that is more than a month out, but you want to start planning content to get the buzz going then you can include that here. 

3. Finally, I started to fill out my calendar.  Since it is mid-month, I started in the middle of the month and then added November to the beginning of the month to get me to the launch date of my course. You can always just print out several of the calendar as needed, or use the calendar template to fill out your calendar, but then transfer that to your email calendar, the Wordpress editorial calendar, or a project management solution like Trello. 

When filling out the calendar don't think you have to fill in all of the days to be successful.  Only put in what you know you can handle. One amazing piece of content can do just as much for you, if not more, that several ok pieces.  

As I filled in each date of content I looked back up at my categories and what I had launching, I made sure everything I planned to release led back to my larger goals.  

To be honest, even as a strategies, I found a few things on my calendar that really didn’t help my business, so I worked on how to make a few tweaks to help it fit better, or took it out completely.  So this exercise even helped me hone in on my editorial calendar for the next month.

Sample Project:  - image 3 - student project

Now for the actual project...My first piece of content is an infographic that helps promote this course. I am taking the top learning points from the course and creating an easy and quick infographic in Piktochart. As soon as it's out I'll add in the link so you can check it out and see how easy it is to pull information from services and products you create and narrow it down to create content that helps sell what you do and grow your business. 

Dana Malstaff
Business & Content Strategist