Sample Project

Sample Project - student project

Here's my hand lettered project, separated into each step!

My inspiration: 

I found my quote on Pinterest - a search tool that I find myself using more than Google Images! My quote is "Creativity is intelligence having fun" by Albert Einstein. Love everything about that quote.

I pulled inspiration from sans serif styles of Lissitzky and my own go-to hand lettering style. I wanted graphical inspiration that portrayed a sense of fun and liveliness, with strong geometric shapes to hint at mathematics.

Sample Project - image 1 - student project

In terms of color, I found this photo on and I love the complementary colors.

Sample Project - image 2 - student project

Here's my inventory of all of the letters I need for my quote. Do you see anywhere where I could've saved a step with sketching? I do!

Sample Project - image 3 - student project

My lettering pieces, sketched out and inked on plain paper (the dot grid paper did NOT scan well, FYI):

Sample Project - image 4 - student project

Lettering pieces, digitized:

Sample Project - image 5 - student project

Full letter inventory:

Sample Project - image 6 - student project

Quote laid out in black and white:

Sample Project - image 7 - student project

First iteration with color, but ultimately I went with the orange background…

Sample Project - image 8 - student project

Sample Project - image 9 - student project

And then added some Lissitzky inspiration in here, using the strong diagonals and geometric shapes. I made sure to keep these design details subtle so the main focus would still be on the quote.

Sample Project - image 10 - student project

Jenny Lee
Writer + Skillshare Teacher