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Sample Project

Here are a few pocket notebooks I've made, 1 from the class videos and a few others I made before shooting the video.

I like to collect a variety of materials to use for my bookbinding endevours. In fact, I have drawers and boxes full of papers, books, and magazines just waiting to be repurposed into handmade notebooks. Typically, I make books to either use myself, give as gifts, or sell at art shows.

The notebooks I chose to make for this course use several materials I've been saving. For each of these I used plain white printer paper for the interior pages. The Japanese print came from a book full of Japanese prints that I bought at a used book store for $7. I love finding material like that, because for about $7 I can get roughly 50-60 really great pieces of art for my notebooks. The notebook with plastic masks comes from a similar deal, I found a stock photo book of plastic toys for about $10 and decided to snag it. If I don't use illustrative artwork then I typically use something simple like single color card stock paper.

The thread I use is a waxed bookbinding thread. Waxed thread is common and necessary for most types of bookbinding, but for this notebook, since it's so small and only about 12 inches is needed the thread doesn't have to be waxed. You can use any type of thread or yarn or string found around the house. The waxed thread is typically necessary when working with stitches that are several feet long, and waxing your thread helps prevent it from fraying during the stitching process.







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