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Jon Brommet

Graphic Designer



Sample Project

Here is an example of how you can layout and setup your post. Remember, just start with your quote. If you post that only, then you can add more to your post as you get time. I look forward to seeing your work!

My Quote:

"Fortune Favours The brave"
Phormio (161 B.C.), written by Publius Terentius

Reference Images:

You can get references images from magazines, Google, and many other sources. Just remember, if you didn't take it yourself, or buy it, then you cannot copy it. Even if you are just making a drawing from an existing image. If you don't believe me, look up Sheppard Fairey's Obama illustration lawsuit for Time magazine! However, it is acceptable to use these images for inspiration and rough ideas.


Concept Ideas:

Alright, you caught me! With this particular block print I actually had the layout in mind before I started drawing anything and I was happy with it once I did. So I didn't experiment with other ideas or layouts. This isn't the ideal way to do it, but rules are meant to be broken! So here is my single concept sketch:


Refined Sketch:

As you will see in the videos, I brought my sketch into the computer in order to refine it. I find it makes it a bit easier for some prints. Mainly when I want the design reversed (white on black). Often it simply doesn't work to just invert your design as it looks like an image negative. Lately though, I've been using an erasable white pencil crayon on black construction paper, which works quite well.


Sketch Transferred to Linoleum:

In this part maybe let me know what kind of method you used to transfer your print and how well it worked for you. Also, what you might do different next time.


Carved Linoleum:

Carving is always my favourite part of the process. I find it kind of relaxing. As long as you take it slow and try and plan out how you are carving you can avoid making mistakes by removing things you weren't suppose to!


Final Print:

Here is it. All of that work goes into this finished project. My favourite thing about block printing is the effort and ability that goes into making each print. The prints have more character and therefore more value. This isn't just some copy from your local print shop. This is a piece of art you slaved over and produced in an ancient method. Congrats! I hope you enjoyed (or enjoy if you haven't watched it yet) the class!



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