Stephanie Pereira

Director of Community Education, Kickstarter



Sample Project


You can use Kickstarter to make your project draft, whether it is mock or real.
Start your project on Kickstarter:

Once you have made a draft to share, post a screenshot of your project preview as your cover photo (like I have done), and include the preview link* to your Kickstarter project draft here in the Project Workspace section.

*If sharing your preview link makes you all hot and sweaty with nerves, feel free to just share screenshots or even just paste in some copy ideas.

>> Please complete each of these mini-tasks and share in your Student Project Workspace:

  • Write & share your 135 character Kickstarter blurb,
  • Take screenshots of some of your rewards and share them,
  • Post your project preview link for others to provide feedback on,
  • Peer review! Check out some other mock projects and provide some feedback

Once you have completed your draft, share it here and check out and leave comments on some of your classmates' work!

See the "do" section in the syllabus for more details.

Go, go, GO!


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