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Sample Project for Egg Scramble

This is a sample project for this SkillShare Course: 

Check out the course, you'll really enjoy it. Then, post your own project that explains how you have adapted the recipe. I'm sure that there will be many delicious adapations.

For two people these are the ingredients that I use:

Feel free to swap out the vegetables for other vegetables.

7 medium-sized eggs

Organic no-salt seasoning

Two-dashes pepper

2 Tablespoons (or less of butter)

2 Carrots - cleaned and skinned

1/4 bunch of broccoli

3 pieces of bread, cut in half

6 small tomatoes (bred for taste, not for shipping - you can tell they have a rich color, not a pale one.)

For coffee:

2 Scoops of decaf

1/2 scoop of caffeinated coffee

Cheese:  as desired and in the amount that you like.  I prefer real cheese.  Sharp cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Swiss are all great.

Jelly / Jam /  Marmalade


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