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Sample Project | Use this as a guide.

Share the link to the draft version of your project. 

Last year, I submitted an application to give a talk at CreativeMornings for their special end of the year Audience Takes the Stage event. What were they looking for in a speaker? "Creative thinkers and makers that have an interesting story to tell."

I decided to focus my talk on social responsibility and how each of us have the capacity to create remarkable change in the world around us. I used the creation of my own business as a vessel to tell that story.

Here is the link to the 60 second pitch video that I had to submit with my application: https://vimeo.com/54633817 (password: CMNYC)

Share your completed speech writing template for feedback. 

You can either upload your completed template to Google Drive and share the link here for feedback - OR -  simply copy and paste your completed template below. (Download the template here

After being invited to speak at CreativeMornings, I immediately started to flesh out my talk. Here is my completed speech writing template: 

1. What’s the focus/topic of your speech, presentation or pitch? 
A talk on how Average Joe's have the capacity to create remarkable change.

2. Who is your intended audience? 
225 - 300 designers, entrepreneurs, freelancers and the like. Intelligent, socially conscious, relaxed/chill. Familiar with and inspired by participants within the TED space. 

3. Space/Location/Equipment 
Galapagos Art Space - sexy ambiance, low key, big stage. Equipment on hand will include:

  • Single handheld mic, 
  • Projection screen with MacBook and clicker
  • Podium 

4. How much time will you have to present? 
Allotted 8 min, planning to stay within 7:00 - 7:30. 

5. KABOOM! (Impact)
By the end of your speech, how should the audience feel? What should they think? What do you want them to do?
I want every person in the room to acknowledge that we can all be great leaders, thinkers, doers, and mentors in our community. And then I want them to feel like they should go out and do something about it.

1. Tell them what you’re going to say. (Intro)
45 - 60 seconds summarizes who I am (with a quick attention grabber), why I'm here, and why we're here.

2. Say it! (The Mighty Rule of 3)

  • Key Point 1: The Creation of the Hall Pass Tour (a breakdown of how the tour started and when it launched)
  • Vessel for the Message: Storytelling and photos from the journey. 
  • Key Point 2: The Growth of the Hall Pass Tour (a look at how we've grown since our launch, people we reached and impact we've made)
  • Vessel for the Message: Storytelling, metrics/data and photos of our growth and expansion. 
  • Key Point 3: What's Next/How You Can Get Involved (where we're headed, how you can help the mission and 
  • Vessel for the Message: Storytelling, slides and a culminating call to action.

3. Tell them what you said. Yes, again. (Conclusion)
15 second recap of points 1 - 3 with closing reminder that social responsibility starts at home.


Here is the final video for my talk: http://vimeo.com/56510302


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