Sample Project Quick Win 2

Sample Project Quick Win 2 - student project

The Silver Lining of Leaving a Job

1. When I left my job, it was an abusive situation, and it was very scary because I didn't know where my income would come from, and what I would do after leaving it. I had been there for twelve years, and it was a dead end situation. Several good things came out of it--I was free to pursue the next chapter of my life; I had been afraid to leave for so long, and so it was liberating to take such a risky leap of faith; and I was telling myself and the universe that I was worth more than the treatment I was getting at that job. 

2. I left the job because I had new boss that was mentally and emotionally abusive, after having had six previous bosses that approved of my work. There was no stability in my department, and the people were generally hostile and unconcerned about others' welfare, with a few exceptions. The job situation had always been challenging with great benefits, but low pay, no respect, no upward mobility, and no recognition. 

3. Leaving my job finally forced me to take responsibility for my life, ask myself what it is I wanted out of life, and empower myself to make changes in order to move into the next phase of my life. I was able to get work teaching and team leading at another university online to help make ends meet while I pursued my dream of working on my own teaching and consulting business. I am working into a place where I am able to help others who are hurting and who need help improving their writing. My old boss is also an opportunity to grow and work on forgiveness. It has been a challenge since I left, but I would never go back because I now control my own destiny, and I can look at myself in the mirror every morning, proud that I am not compromising my sanity and integrity to keep a job that wasn't worth it in the end, even if it was at a university. 

Rachel Leroy

Stop Striving and Start Thriving