Sample Project - My Favourite E-Learning Website

Sample Project - My Favourite E-Learning Website - student project

My favourite e-learning website is Skillshare. 

I like it because there are classes teaching wide range of topics and everyone can find there what they are interested in. I also appreciate the possibility to add my own class and get experience with screencasting, editing videos, teaching and many other areas. 

I would recommend a course called: Become a SpeedDemon: Productivity & Automation Tricks to Have More Time. Gain 2+ Hrs/Wk Guaranteed!

It save so much time that this my favourite class ever. Johnathan Levi (author of the class) gives you tips and tricks how to save time at work, when exercising or in finance sphere. He is very good speaker, so even if the class has more than 2 hours you will not get bored. Actually it will be the other way round - you won't manage to write notes (in that case there is a file with all the sources he mentions).

Hana Stejskalová
I always look for doing the things better way