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Sample Project: Get creative!

A creative project, even a small one, can be daring. We all know how hard it is to fill the white canvas, sheet or screen! To help you getting started and following the steps in the class easily, there are small tasks for you after every lesson. Complete them and post the results or any questions you have in your own Class Project to get feedback.

This class is about building and rebuilding your first Badge. If you want to you can rebuild the Badge in this Class and post it or you can build your own Badge. But the most important part are the steps you took between starting this class and finishing your first Badge. So, let us know about them! It's like a small journey: We want to know what you've seen on your way ;-)

Here's a sample of how your Class Project may look like:

1. Getting inspired

Here's the link to my Pinterest board about Badges:

And best is: It's still growing :D

I personally like the "Deco" Badges with these thin lines and this Art Deco style. They look fantastic! They're rather overwhelming, though. There's all shape and ornaments and not much space left for the text and the message. But man, they are stylish! And I love the "73 Vintage Logos". They are simple but absolutely stunning. After finishing the circle shape-Badge I'll move on to some more corners.

2. Sketching the idea:

I wanted to start with simple. Circles are most common and a ribbon opened the shape without destroying it. But why stop with one circle? So, I used three, giving the Badge a somewhat doughnut like look where the text can be filled between the outer two lines and the inner one. And of course - as a circle. Cutting out the ribbon text gives the Badge another nice touch since the transparent parts give it a light and airy look - ready to stick it to the next restaurant window! And to not overdo it, I added some stars to the inner circle to match the points of the ribbon's ends. That's it!


3. Finding the right colour

I like simple and rather calm colour combinations like clue or gray for something like a Badge. The colour shouldn't get all the attention, after all. But all in gray is somehow boring. This blue and sandy brown colour combination I found on Pinterest is perfect:




Unfortunately, I couldn't get the darker brown in which would have given the colour palette a warmer, deeper look. But alas! One cannot have everything at once :D



4. Creating the Badge step by step



So, that's it! Can't wait to see your ideas and projects! :-)


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