Emma Jane Shaw

Hobby Artist



Sample Project: "Drow"

My Class Project : Drow

For my class project I have chosen to draw a Drow.

Drow's are dark elf characters that live underground. They can have dark skin, red eyes and white hair. I want my Drow to have purple skin, red eyes and white flowing hair. I'd like her to have some gothic inspired jewelery and facial tattoos/markings. 

Reference/Inspirational Images

Below is a link to my Pinterest board that I created for my reference material. I have also included a screenshot depicting some of the reference images I found to help inspire my character design.



Concept Sketches

Below is a scanned image of my concept sketches I came up with for my Drow character. They are very rough and I'm not 100% satisfied with how they turned out. They have helped narrow down what design aspects I want to include in my final sketch. 


Refined Sketch

Here is my refined sketch. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. It has evolved away from my original concepts a little bit - it's simplified I think. I got rid of some details I didn't like. The features aren't overly sharp like I wanted but the eyes are quite large and I'm very happy with how the nose turned out. Overall this was really fun to draw and I can't wait to colour it in! 


Coloured Portrait

Here is my finished portrait of my Drow character! She looks quite different from the original sketch now that she's coloured in but I think everything has worked out pretty well. I'm really happy with the eyes - they are always my favourite part to work on. The hair is wavier than I had planned but it's not bad. The white and black ink pens have really made the image pop too. That was really fun to see. If you have the materials I recommend playing around with coloured pencils and ink pens to give a little something extra to your sketch =D 



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