Sample Project — Class Header

Sample Project — Class Header - student project

Hi everyone! It's your teacher Molly here. I thought it might be helpful for you to see a big file with lots of groups and layers that uses some of the shading and highlighting techniques from the class.

For the class cover image, I combined script and all-caps lettering inside an illustrated border. The background was created by importing an image of texture and setting it to multiply over the colored background layer. I also created vignetting by airbrushing black at low opacity around the border, concentrating most in the corners.

You can see in the images below that I divided up the lettering by style and line, then made groups within groups so I could easily move around and overlap the words. Each word is comprised of three layers:

  1. the primary letterforms,
  2. a dimensional drop shadow, and
  3. lines highlighting the downstrokes. 

Here, for example, you can see a breakdown of the word iPad. I drew it first in yellow, on its own layer. Then I duplicated it in black, offset it, connected and filled in the ends to make it look more dimensional, and reduced the opacity. To finish it off, I added a layer on top with white highlights along the downstrokes. 


And the finished product:

Calligrapher & Designer

Top Teacher