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Jessie Fisher

Designer and Visual Identity Advisor



Sample Project: Casual in Chartreuse

This is the evolution of my portrait from rough sketch, to refined sketch, to inked illustration, to final illustration. Keep reading below for more details on each part of the process of drawing this relaxed and lovely lady.


REFERENCE PHOTO(S): I chose the following photo for my project. Typically I work with (and recommend others work with) more than one photo in order to get a better sense of the features and individual's look. However, for ease of filmining, I used a single reference photo for this project.


ROUGH SKETCH: My first sketch is below. It's rough and far from perfect. The shape of the jaw is too narrow. The nose and mouth need some adjustments. But everything is about where I need it to be to start refining and getting to something I love, which is the point of this sketch! So, while it's not perfect, it serves it's purpose perfectly. 


REFINED SKETCH: A bit of adjustment on the jaw, nose, and mouth. Some refinement of lines. A few additional details added around the eyes and hair. As you can see, I'm starting to elongate the form a bit and enlarge some features to give it that fashion illustration aesthetic. My rough sketch from above has come a long way in this refined version.


INKED FINAL ILLUSTRATION: For my final illustration, I cleaned up my lines, played with their variance and weight, and kept only the minimal number needed to get the idea of my subject across. This is adding in the minimalist aesthetic to the fashion illustration aesthetic I had already begun incorporating.


FINAL ILLUSTRATION: I debated a bit on what colors and what features I wanted to highlight with which colors, but I ultimately landed on a simple palette of chartreuse and gold that gave off a relaxed and cool vibe.  While I loved the red lip that I drew in at one point, it felt a bit too glam for this particular portrait.



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