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Sample Project: Beets, Treats, and Eats

I can't wait to see the cards you guys will make for my class! Post your process photos along the way, and any lessons you've learned so your classmates and I can follow along. You will also get extra props for posting photos of your packaging and/or styled photos from the bonus videos. If you share your work on Instagram or Twitter, you can tag me @cindyyshaw and I'll take a look!


These are some of my designs I've turned into cards! Making greeting card designs is a lot of fun and offers fairly quick gratification. The small canvas often feels less overwhelming than working a larger project.


Here is a drawing that became one of my example cards. Remember, even a silly doodle on a scrap piece of paper can become something useful.


Here are my example card layouts using the templates we created in the class. They're ready for print!


Cut, fold, and done!



Show me your work! For every 20 projects posted, I will be giving away one set of the three cards that I created for this course.

Thank you for joining my class, and I hope it has helped you to grow creatively!
Remember to join me next time to learn about the process behind my designs :)

Cindy Y. Shaw


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