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Carmel Wilson

Lettering & Illustration At Bricky House Co.



Sample Project: Be Yourself + Be More


Here is the sample project that you can follow to submit your class project in the project gallery. Start by writing the quote or phrase that you are working on.

"Be Yourself, Love All"

Here is another one too. If you want, you can upload two or more quotes of phrases with different styling.

"Be More"

Then upload the scanned or a photographed image of the progress. From skeleton, to inking and final refinement. You can show your progress too if you want the feedback.




Here is the other step:


You can also be creative in your project if it is not the first time you are lettering or if you want to experiment like this one here, multicolor brush-pens and markers were used in this one:


Here is the dizitized work that might will be covered in the following classes. I wanted that students learn the most basic things first, then moving up the ladder.


Will love to see your works. Thanks!


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