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Sample Project: BLOOM Floral Artists

I decided to create a fictitious florist shop for my watercolor logo. I named it BLOOM and used 'Floral Artists' as its descriptor.

The brand attributes I gave this brand are:
- creative (creating works of art with every arrangement)
- modern (keeping with latest flower + arrangement trends)
- organic (human, personal + the whole nature thing ;)
- professional (it shows the florists are dependable + know what they're doing with the work they create)

Here are some logos I compiled from the floral shop niche, aka competition!


And here's a mood board I created for my florist shop, considering my brand attributes. I want you to feel the way you do looking at this when you walk into the shop!


It was time to look at typography + pick my hand drawn element. I decided to keep my type modern (brand attribute!) and my hand drawn element more expressive/organic to create some nice contrast. Here's what I narrowed them down to:


I chose my favorite type lockup + vector element and put them together to form my base logo:


From here, I started experimenting! Texture behind, texture in the vector element, texture in the type:




...and here they are all together! Love them all, but leaning towards the 2nd one (texture in vector element)



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