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Sample Project: All Of My Stars

For this project, I knew I wanted to hand letter a quote that mentioned something shiny or sparkly to go along with the foil + glitter. E.E. Cummings is my favorite poet, so this part of one of his poems ("You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars") immediately came to mind.

Using a small waterbrush filled with ink from the Waterbrush Lettering Essentials class, I hand lettered the quote:


Following the methods in this tutorial, I vectorized my typography and cleaned it up in Illustrator to prepare it for the foil + glitter:


Now that I had my lettering, it was time to make some foil! I created the following foil and glitter (also available in the Glitz + Glam Kit)


I planned on creating this for instagram, so next, I sketched out a few square thumbnails before heading into Photoshop:


I played around with all of the ideas, but decided to keep it simple (#1 without the stars), so the messaging remained the focal point. Here's the final result: (see it on Instagram here!)



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