Sample Project: A Midnight Sun Road Trip Within the Arctic Circle

We're sitting in a green ’82 Mitsubishi van. Our new friends are in the front, and a gorgeous white Siberian Husky, is calm in the back.

It’s 1:00am and the sun is not even remotely close to setting…in fact, the next time this town will see darkness will be July 28th. We are just over half way through our road trip to the North Cape — 71 degrees North, and the northern most point of Europe.

Our bags are packed with local Norwegian beer, camera gear, woolen undergarments (which we’ll wear in our four-season sleeping bags), and sausages (that will be poked with sticks we find, and placed on a flame from a fire we’ll start later tonight).

The views out the windows range from snow-capped fjords, crisp arctic rivers, lakes and the Atlantic ocean, innovative underwater tunnels, rocky mountains and occasional sightings of reindeer and sea eagles. It's a road trip like no other. 

Reference Images:


Found on howfarfromhome.com


Found on howfarfromhome.com


Found on howfarfromhome.com


Found on howfarfromhome.com


Found on howfarfromhome.com

Reference Videos:

The North Cape - at 71 degrees North 

Way Up North


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