Sample Project--A Day of Things for Which I'm Grateful

Sample Project--A Day of Things for Which I'm Grateful - student project

Sample Project

1. I'm grateful for the text I just received from my friend Mike asking how I'm doing. I haven't heard from him in a while, it's great to know he's well, and it's great to have friends.

2. Today is a magnificent day. The sky is blue, the air is cool and crisp, and there is a slight breeze.

3. I was productive yesterday and able to complete all my goals for teaching. While I didn't complete all my other goals, that is a great start to achieving my goals. 

4. I'm thankful my migraine went away.

5. I'm thankful the lady at the checkout counter was patient with me when I couldn't find my bank card. Sometimes those little kindnesses make all the difference.

6. The book I read last night was engaging and made for a fun evening. 

7. I enjoyed dinner last night. The pasta and mushrooms tasted great with the tomato sauce and fresh vegetables.

8. While I miss my grandmother every day, I'm thankful for the continued presence of her kindness in my life. I know she is always near me. 

Rachel Leroy

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