Sample Print Ad Project

Sample Print Ad Project - student project

Welcome to class! I am going to be recreating a print ad of my own to help you see how I would complete this project. Follow along and ask any questions you might have. I want you to be able to follow my process if you are having a hard time doing similar tasks in your own project. 

Sample Print Ad Project - image 1 - student project

I chose one of the Tom Eckersley's travel posters he created for Pakistan National Airlines back in the 60's. Not only do I love the ad, but it is a great poster for a beginner to try and replicate. Take that into consideration when you choose your print ad. 

UPDATE: 5/12

Just recently completed my recreation of the poster above. You will be able to see parts of its construction throughout the video lectures that are available tomorrow. But, everything here was done in Adobe Illustrator. The type is off because I don't have that typeface (if you are wondering what was going on there haha). 

I am excited to see your work as well! 

Sample Print Ad Project - image 2 - student project

Here is the Illustrator file of my piece for you to open and look at if you have CS6.

Brad Woodard

Illustrator + Graphic Designer