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Sample Digital Painting Made in Photoshop

This is a digital painting made from a photo I took in Venice a few weeks ago. I chose this image to work with because my son looks dreamy and is turning away from the usual attraction of a gondola passing under a bridge.


1.) First I placed the photo down and added a very slight artistic filter to it. I usually like "drybrush."

2.) I then made an underpainting in a layer below the photo with really vibrant colors.

3.) Next I made an "overpainting" in the layer above the photo. I adjusted the opacity on all layers to play around with what shows through and how much.

4.) Then I made another layer on top that was just the black line drawing.

5.) Finally I went into the photo layer with a very "spluttery" eraser and tap tap tapped to eat away at the original photo. If you look closely though you can see where some parts remain.

6.) Finally I finished things off by flattening all layers and dragging the burn tool around the edges for a stylized look.

Here is the original photo:


Now it's your turn! Don't be shy. What are you working on?

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